Heaven & Earth Aikido


“If you can put your whole self into this simple act of sitting, you will gain the power to put your whole self into everything that you do–and you will become the strongest person in the world.”

– Matsuoka Roshi

Mental training is a key aspect of any martial arts practice. Heaven and Earth Aikido is also home to Warrior Zendo, a Soto Zen meditation group affiliated with the Atlanta Soto Zen Center (ASZC), headed by Hojo (Abbot) Taiun Elliston. Hojo Elliston received his Dharma transmission from Soyu Matsuoka, one of the first Zen teachers to bring the Buddha’s teachings from Japan to America.

Please visit our classes page to view the meditation schedule.

Sessions usually last about 30 minutes, including chanting and some dharma discussion. Cushions are provided. Please wear something comfortable. You do not have to be a member of the dojo to attend. All are welcome, regardless of experience level or affiliation with other meditation practices. If you have questions please email info@heavenandearthaikido.com

In addition, we usually talk with Sensei Elliston via phone/skype once a month. These dharma talks are a great opportunity to ask questions about Buddhism and Zen from an experienced teacher. If you are interested in pursuing a more formal path in Zen Buddhism, Sensei Elliston is also able to officially initiate and mentor those seeking ordination.


For more information on the Atlanta Soto Zen Center and Sensei Elliston, please visit http://storder.org/

For discussion, updates, session cancellation notifications, etc. please visit our facebook page.