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We are offering online classes via Zoom during the current pause in regular activity. Classes are held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:30 pm and Saturday at 10:15 am.

We welcome new and experienced students of all ages. To participate, please contact us at admin@heavenandearthaikido.com.

Please check our Facebook page for regular updates.

Heaven and Earth Aikido and Warrior Zendo is a Japanese martial arts and Soto Zen meditation center in Fairfax County. We host classes for the US Aikido Federation and  Shin Ryu Aikido. Our mission is to improve ourselves and improve the world through self-defense, harmony, and balance.


Adult Classes

Our adult program offers an exciting and challenging curriculum suited for practitioners of all experience levels. Our teaching philosophy allows for all of our students to train together regardless of rank or experience..


“Sensei Ericksen is a long time practitioner and a direct Student of 2 of the world’s top Shihans of Aikido. He is very knowledgeable and a wonderful instructor. The students and instructors are friendly too. I highly recommend this place if you want to learn authentic Aikido!”

— Amado M.


“My 16 year old son has recently joined Heaven and Earth Aikido and has raved about the experience. Attention from the instructors has been top notch and Brian goes out of his way to understand both what the student’s goals are, as well as the parent’s.”

— Kenneth Larson


“Never before has a martial art integrated into my life more than Aikido. Relatively painful falls turn into mildly uncomfortable rolls. This place becomes like a family for many, myself included.”

— Tuan Tran


“For anyone on the fence on taking martial arts, or not convinced of the practicality of learning a self defense technique centered on not harming one’s aggressors, I would invite you to try some classes and see how you feel afterward.”

— Scott T. Templeman


“I am new to martial arts and I feel I have chosen a very unique and special practice with Aikido. Ericksen Sensei is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and an excellent instructor. I look forward to continue to grow along this path, and paths unseen, with Heaven and Earth Aikido. It’s a truly amazing community with grand people.”

— Sarah Mansur


“Heaven and Earth Aikido is helping our daughter become a strong woman, both physically and mentally. It has been 4 weeks since discovering Heaven and Earth Aikido for our daughter. In that time, not only has she learned Aikido techniques, she has learned life lessons. As a parent, I cannot say enough about Sensei Ericksen’s teaching methods and philosophy being a gift to his students. He teaches not only Aikido skills, but engenders respect in a quiet manner, both in the teacher-student relationships and the student-student relationships. My daughter is treated as a valuable member of the dojo by everyone there. She is gaining confidence, not only from being able to protect herself when encountering a much bigger adversary, but by being mentored by the other students, as each student takes the role of learner and teacher that extends beyond lessons learned on the mat.”

—Amy B.

Kids Classes

Our kid’s program is focused on working with children between the ages of 6 and 13 to improve listening skills, discipline, alertness, self-confidence, and of course, learn Aikido! We have a great bunch of kids and the parents are very engaged as well. It is a wonderful environment to learn and share and become a member of an Aikido family.

“Aikido is love… Aikido has this as its philosophy, its center. One must act on these ideas… If you train you give yourself. We must help others around.”

— Sensei Seiichi Sugano